I got bills

President Biden was pleased this week with the passing of his $1.2tr infrastructure bill. Though sundry Democrats had vowed to only approve both of the proposed spending bills as a package, several Republicans joined in voting for the BIF. Zerohedge summarized what’s in the bill, including some pretty crazy stuff. Wrangling over the “Build Back Better” bill is continuing, with Senator Manchin still… Read More I got bills

When do they pass out the Kool-Aid?

Many rich and powerful folks met in Glasgow last week, to discuss what was to be done about climate change and to pledge this and that. Despite the fact that clear-headed people keep showing how climate change will not destroy humanity, promises to move to Net Zero emissions were made by the attending national representatives. China and India were conspicuous… Read More When do they pass out the Kool-Aid?

In God we trust

Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey has tweeted out a rosy prediction that “hyperinflation” is coming. ZeroHedge seems to agree, noting jitters in money markets. They report that the Reserve Bank of Australia shocked traders after refusing to buy a two-year bond. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen conceded that inflation will continue for a while, but should level out around the middle of… Read More In God we trust

Will not comply

Vaccine mandates are still creating havoc, but there have been more signs of non-compliance and people putting up a fight. The governors of Alaska and Florida have said they’ll happily recruit police officers who have been fired over mandates. Workers in New York City have staged protests. The NY Fire Department has shuttered 26 firehouses and sanitation services are unable to keep up… Read More Will not comply