Mail-order death

The fight against abortion will never be done, as Mad Christians know well. The FDA last week scrapped the “in-person” requirement for purchasing abortion pills. This means abortion drugs can be sent by mail. The dangers of “medical abortion” to mothers are well-documented but downplayed by the Abortion Industrial Complex. “Self-managed” abortions account for 40% of abortions according to the CDC.… Read More Mail-order death


The battle over ivermectin is continuing. A judge is holding a Virginia hospital in contempt of court for withholding ivermectin from a ventilated patient, against her family wishes. Epoch Times is reporting that a New Jersey woman died after hospital refused to give ivermectin secured by her husband. The point is not that ivermectin is a silver bullet— it seems that… Read More Alt-COVID

Do try to keep up

New record inflation is giving pause to the Democrats’ plan to spend lots of money. Not the Bee noticed that Twitter was doing its darndest to distract from reality, but the toothpaste is out of the tube. When Leftist media start reporting that inflation hurts people and is racist, you know the tide has turned! President Biden has withdrawn Saule Omarova as his pick for a Treasury… Read More Do try to keep up