All rise

The SCOTUS has a lot on its plate. The court handed down opinion on Texas abortion law, allowing the ban to stand, but giving room for challengers to bring lawsuits against it. While the ruling is not a clear win for life, a Mississippi abortion ban case, also before the Court, will test Roe vs Wade more directly. 

The Daily Signal has reported on a SCOTUS case which has “serious implications” for religious freedom.  The Court will consider whether people can sue businesses for “emotional distress”. Delaware pastors are bringing a lawsuit against emergency powers that shut down their churches.

And ICYMI a bunch of lawmakers, including lots of Republicans voted to set up a centralized immunization database. Seems a bit Big Brother-ish..In Canada, it is reported that Pastor Artur Pawlowski who was arrested for opening his church during lockdown has won his appeal against compelled speech. Pastor Pawlowski had been ordered to offer a disclaimer every time he spoke against COVID restrictions and lockdowns.

Journalist Andy Ngo is being sued by Antifa members for sharing their videos on Twitter. In a not-as-significant ruling, actor Jussie Smollett has been found guilty of wasting the police’s time by setting up a hoax “hate crime”.

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