Am I interrupting?

You may have heard the saying “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. British journalist Oliver Burkeman might agree. A recent blog post finds him pondering the nature of interruptions, and our modern obsession with productivity. He stumbled across a philosophical claim that made him think: “nothing obstructs the activity of anything else.” This is a bold thing for a pagan to say, but as Rev Fisk has pointed out, even spilled coffee (a regular pastime of his!) can be a cue to acknowledge God’s faithfulness and our dependence on his mercy. 

While no one could doubt the value of focus and times of uninterrupted thought, it is very freeing to remember that life is like a string of interruptions and often richer because of it. In the case of Mad Christians, the joy of knowing that God ordains our days and guides our paths, gives peace for those times when we feel we are “getting nothing done.” He is risen and you are paid for. So make your plans and see what happens!

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