Clean sweep

The political wrangling related to January 6th riots at the Capitol continues, with members of the Trump administration coming under fire. Former White House chief-of-staff, Mark Meadows, agreed to cooperate with the Select Committee appointed to investigate events of the day. However, he is now suing Speaker Pelosi saying the hearing has become a “witch hunt”. He’s not the only one to protest the overreach of the Committee. Will Chamberlain has written that the Democrats are engaging in “lawless behavior“, and the Federalist noted that the even phone records of private citizens are not exempt from scrutiny.

An investigation carried out by Politico has unearthed evidence that two generals lied about January 6th and were attempting to “rewrite the history of the military’s response” on the day. 

So yes, we are still talking about January 6th, and we are still talking about election fraud. An investigation in Wisconsin has concluded that illegal votes were counted but there was “no widespread fraud”. (Whistleblowers might disagree.) Some would say that those small irregularities add up to something significant, and one Sheriff is filing charges against election officials. Mark Hemingway recently documented the rise of election “lawfare”, saying that the growing number of election litigators churning through Harvard’s law programs, means that future elections may be decided in the courtroom, not the voting booth.

The late Senator Bob Dole was trolling from beyond the grave. In a letter read at his funeral, the Senator wondered whether he would still be able to vote in Chicago. Given that Seattle residents can vote on a napkin, it’s not so far-fetched.

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