Price is high

Tech companies were in the spotlight last week with lawsuits aplenty. Italy is fining Amazon $1.3 BN for abusing its market dominance. Rohingya refugees are suing Meta (Facebook) for $150BN. The  group from Myanmar’s Muslim minority claim that Facebook amplified hate speech and violence against them in a 2017 military crackdown which saw 10000 killed. A UK competition watchdog has ordered Meta to sell Giphy.

While we are speaking about Facebook, journalist John Stossel is suing one of its fact-checkers for damaging his reputation and lying about him. That is a story in itself, but a number of people picked up on something more interesting. In documents defending its fact-checkers, Facebook’s legal team referred to its corrective labels as “protected opinion.” Oops! 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) experienced an outage last week, affecting people’s fridges, robo vacuums and Christmas lights. Meanwhile AWS is trialing a private 5G network.

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