The Chastening is Here

A German man kills himself and his whole family over vaccine mandates. An Australian woman lights herself on fire to protest the same. Austria prepares to put the unvaxxed into camps, and public resistance across the planet takes to the streets to press back the crushing tide of medical tyranny foisting “plan B” onto the formerly free West.

The consequences of modern folly have for too long been withheld by unnatural means. The cracks in the dam are showing. The discernment of the masses is atrophied.

The collapse isn’t coming. The collapse is already here. And the looters know it.

Where there was once a shared, hopeful modern story, in its place is a media-manipulated landscape of fear, memes, and impotence.

The solution is straightforward: if the alarming thing is that there is no alarm, then it’s time for you to sound one.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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