Down the rabbit hole

As 2020 blended in to 2021, a lot of observant folks were likely getting tired of doffing their tin foil hats, only to need them days later. The amount of times The News has been proved to be fake, the pile of people who said “That will never happen here!” only to eat their words, the raft of politicians who had to backflip on everything they said last year… COVID seems to have magnified the worst instincts of humanity— fear-induced subterfuge and greedy grabbing for control.

Joe Rogan interviewed [now controversial] doctor, Peter McCullough last week (you’ll have to listen on Spotify, or watch on Odysee as the discussion was removed from YouTube). McCullough packs a lot of food for thought into his interview, speaking about COVID testing, the myth of asymptomatic spread and how a simple virucidal treatment can reduce the risk of contracting the disease (around 39:35). 

But there’s more. Dr McCullough claims that very few hospitals have COVID treatment plans. He points to the unwarranted campaigns against therapeutic drugs. He suggests that fearful doctors have enabled the surreptitious push for vaccines. Branding them as the only way out of the pandemic has eaten up all other helpful strategies for fighting COVID. Dr. McCullough’s claims would seem outlandish, if we had not lived through the last 18 months, where fear and spin have freely roamed our culture. The idea that greedy bureaucrats and a media establishment zealous for eyeballs made this disease seem worse than it is, now sounds entirely plausible. 

If you are skeptical of Dr. McCullough’s claims, rapper Zuby had a less heady take on the pandemic response. He offers a calm assessment: when we look at this situation through the lens of health, it doesn’t make sense. When we look at it through the lens of control, power, and money, then it makes sense. Mad Christians know that this has been the pattern of mankind, since the Fall. Bad trees are known by their fruit. 

From the death of freedom by a thousand cuts to the “subscription model” of booster shots, Zuby’s MO is: have a long memory and ask a lot of questions. We might add: read your Bible! And maybe keep that tin foil hat handy…

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