Remember you are chosen

Planned security by means of your flesh, “being safe” by means of your works, must ultimately collapse in the despair of wrecked idolatry.

When God is merciful, he let’s you see this before it is too late. When he has turned his back on you, he traps you precisely in that which you seek to use to hide from him and his judgments. He makes your pleasures and your vain escapes into the chains which bind and hold you for the day of perdition. “The Christ knows how to hold ungodly men for the day of trial…”

So which will it be for these here United States? Few that I know or see have martialed an argument to convince me that we are in a great reformation of repentance. The car speeds down the freeway, no one in control, and the great mass of us hoping that a white hat will roll in at the last moment and pull us to safety.

Maybe he will. It is Advent after all.

But in case our Lord continues to tarry, in the event that it is his plan to crush the arrogance of the western world to powder and ash by turning us over to the fruit of our wicked ways, remember: you have been set apart.

It is not that you are better. It is not that you have earned it. It is that you know. You know because he has told you so. You know because the voice has cried in the wilderness and woken you up. You know that no matter how much saccharine they coat the lies with, they are still damned lies and leave you despairing and unsatisfied. You know the narrow way, and now that you do, you won’t settle for anything less.

The strength of Christianity has always been its willingness to perish at God’s hand, firm in conviction that death is gain. It is on the ruins of perished glory that the true heart wakens to embrace the salvation hung on the cross.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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