The light at the end

Man’s reason is fallen. Before that, it was never omnipotent. The best intellect in the world is still susceptible to lies.

There’s no question it has been a year of great lies. The main stream media was built to lie, built on lying, and when it lies it speaks its native tongue.

But that’s an old game. A very old game.

As old as the darkness, as old as the lie, and older still, is the Truth. The Light. The Way.

We will remain bound to the common experience of this world for the time being, the irreconcilable, unavoidable contradictions of chaos and confusion. We will remain bound to the stream of madness and twisted stories that set our fears on edge and try to move the herd toward mutually assured self-destruction. We will remain bound to a world that lacks most of all a clear justification for itself.

And then, Jesus will come back, and all of that will be blown away.

Maybe this year…. Maybe tomorrow…. Maybe today…. If not then, soon.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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