All rise

The SCOTUS has a lot on its plate. The court handed down opinion on Texas abortion law, allowing the ban to stand, but giving room for challengers to bring lawsuits against it. While the ruling is not a clear win for life, a Mississippi abortion ban case, also before the Court, will test Roe vs Wade more directly.  The Daily Signal… Read More All rise

Price is high

Tech companies were in the spotlight last week with lawsuits aplenty. Italy is fining Amazon $1.3 BN for abusing its market dominance. Rohingya refugees are suing Meta (Facebook) for $150BN. The  group from Myanmar’s Muslim minority claim that Facebook amplified hate speech and violence against them in a 2017 military crackdown which saw 10000 killed. A UK competition watchdog… Read More Price is high

Clean sweep

The political wrangling related to January 6th riots at the Capitol continues, with members of the Trump administration coming under fire. Former White House chief-of-staff, Mark Meadows, agreed to cooperate with the Select Committee appointed to investigate events of the day. However, he is now suing Speaker Pelosi saying the hearing has become a “witch hunt”. He’s not… Read More Clean sweep

Missing links

While we are speaking about abortion, The Ruth Institute’s Jennifer Roeback Morse interviewed Angela Lanfranchi, who is a breast cancer surgeon. Lanfranchi is convinced of the link between abortion, contraceptive pills and breast cancer. She is accutely aware of the eye-rolls such claims are generally met with, but if you are curious, check out her evidence and weigh… Read More Missing links