Before and after

There has been a not-too-subtle change in the officially accepted take on COVID-19 in the last couple of weeks. Ben Shapiro was one of those who documenting the flip-flopping in a Twitter thread. 

After promising to “shut down the virus,” not the economy nor the county, President Biden conceded last week that there is “no federal solution” to the pandemic. It is a shame that it has taken almost two years to realize that pathogens often don’t obey COVID restrictions. All the same, if there’s no federal solution then maybe there shouldn’t be a federal mandate either. Dr. Fauci did try to rebrand governmental coercion recently, asking folks to start using the word “requirement” since it’s a much nicer word than “mandate.”

Establishment elites are questioning the value of wearing masks but it’s not quite what you’d think. CEOs of major airlines recently cast shade on the usefulness of masks during flights. But their PR teams quickly went into damage control, saying that while HEPA systems on planes are great, masks are also great. (Or something like that.) Dr. Fauci thinks we should wear masks on planes forever, because, of course he does! Even pro-abortion crazy lady, Leana Wen, says cloth masks are useless so everyone should start wearing N95 medical masks. California school districts heard the message loud and clear, with students now required to wear slightly-more-expensive but not-a-lot-better-against-COVID masks to school. Lord have mercy!

The USA has broken its daily case record reporting 267,000 cases in a 7-day average. The Omicron variant is still producing mild cases, but the CDC has “significantly downgraded” its estimate of Omicron’s prevalence, meaning that Delta is still on the loose. Dr. Fauci has said that hospitals are overcounting the amount of COVID cases in kids, since they are tested automatically. We have seen similar discrepancies reported last year between those who are admitted to hospital because of COVID and those who are discovered to have it while they are there (here and here).

Workers stationed in Antarctica have COVID.

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