None of the above

A recent Pew survey found that religious affiliation in the USA took a hit once again, with three in ten Americans now identifying as “nones.”  But, given that mankind was created to worship its Creator, abandoning true religion means you just end up embracing an idolatrous one. While the secularizing West has been steadily chipping away at anything virtuous or sacred, thoughtful liberals have begun to lament the speedy demise of religion in America. They are realizing the gaping hole in our society where church attendance used to be is not replaced with social cohesion and unifying morality, but with a dangerous new religion.  

Michael Shellenberger’s taxonomy of “woke religion” is one such observation, and he recognizes that Progressive politics follow the pattern of an organized religion. Climate change, abortion, anti-racism and transgenderism are all part of the Woke religion, with rituals, taboos, sinners and saints. While that may satisfy some who try to make sense of the upheaval all around, Mad Christians will recognize that Shellenberger’s characterization of religion does not account for Christianity.

The simplification of religion to a fanciful but harmless story we tell ourselves to make meaning in our lives is not how the apostles saw the faith entrusted to them. Liberals like Shellenberger believe religion is a way to stabilize society and gain a sense of purpose. That civic religion has some value, but St. Paul reminded his readers of the truth claim that is the heart of our salvation: if Christ is not raised, you are still dead in your sins. But He is risen! While woke-ism may end up in the graveyard of manmade religions, Christ’s church will still be here at his return, offering life and hope to weary sinners.

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