Blind spots

President Biden repeated his mantra that COVID is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. Whether he truly believes that or is using fear as a way of controlling people’s behavior is not clear. However, the amount of changes in messaging lately makes us wonder. During hearings for arguments against the President’s vaccine mandate, Justice Sotomayor made the wild claim that 100,000 children were hospitalized with COVID. Even the progressive fact-checkers were baffled. As with the President, we wonder if she truly believes that, or if she just wants to ratchet up hysteria for who-knows-what-end.A study has found that patients who experienced severe “breakthrough” cases of COVID had at least one underlying risk factor, such as age or a compromised immune system. There were more reports that New York hospitalization admissions have not been accurately recorded. Prime age mortality (ages 18 to 49) was up quite a bit in 2021, with the majority of deaths from causes other than COVID. The more information we are reading, the way forward looks a lot like what some voices were calling for from the beginning: protecting the vulnerable and letting others go about their lives. This sensible approach might have prevented the fallout from lockdowns and mandates that we will be dealing with for years to come. 

After saying they need 75 years to release all their COVID vaccine data, the FDA has been ordered to share everything by the end of the year.

A Texas university has developed a new patent-free COVID vaccine.

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