Mendicant Soul

The words and stories we once told ourselves in order to keep moving ourselves forward together have been enduring seismic shockwaves of decay for decades. The last two years have finally broken them. 

The days of this earth have always been far more evil than the natural eye can see. But the natural eye, blinded by the endless chorus of the mainstream, is a lamp filled with such darkness that our forebears in western Christendom can hardly have imagined it. 

This is why what is most needful now is coherence about the things that are most needful. What is necessary is for a collective to arise and stand against the stream. What is essential is the formation of a  people who do not believe that the past is only in the past. But a kind of people who know that it is the past that forms the best foundations of the present. Those foundations are still here. So rather than fear or fight for a future that may never be, the wise man will notice today is already right beneath his feet. 

While the world sings a concert of fear orchestrated to promote mass formation obedience to its terrible gods, while its lords and princes seek to derail inquiry, obstruct research, and discourage thought, while the personal psyche, the familial pattern, the neighborhood, town, and city learn the hard lesson of what happens when you take the holy God for a blind man and try to rob him, you are free to stop looking for the hidden “purpose” of it all and remember that while shrewdness never got more prayers answered more often, innocence is a gift that never stops being given. 

You can let go now. The story that is true is the story that you don’t get to save. It’s the story that saves you. 

All streams run into the sea. And it is a beautiful thing that they do.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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