Your package is in transit…still

Politico says that FedEx is asking the FAA whether they can out fit some of their delivery planes with missile defense systems, making it safer for them to fly over disputed territory. It might not be such an outlandish request, as The Drive noted a mysterious halt to air traffic in the Western US last week. Aviation authorities have not confirmed whether a North Korean missile launch was the reason for the “ground stop.”

One journalist decided to investigate reports of train burglaries in California. LA reporter, John Schreiber, found opened packages strewn along the railway tracks, in places where trains slow down. It really has to be seen to be believed. Maybe they need to put lasers on the trains too? For a good way to think about how to pray when you have been stolen from, check out Rev Fisk’s recent video. Prayers against evildoers are featured in the Psalter and as Christians, we should be praying them!

Supply chains for goods out of China may become crazier still, as the the Chinese government locks down its ports.

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