Duty like the Angels

Don’t be a sleepwalker.

It can’t happen here,” is what they all said before it did.

The assumption that organized civility, infrastructure, and food trade cannot quickly collapse into desperate, annihilistic conflict in a matter of days is the most ignorant of unhistorical ignorances.

If you cannot muster the courage to stand up, to speak up, to refuse the lie, if you can’t see history when it is screaming at you in the face, then your ship of integrity is doomed to go down in a stormy sea of men without faces.

In an age run by evil men, good men do not have the luxury to hide.

Satan is mad. He is a lord of confusion, a perverter of words, a spinner of chaoses. He rules by demanding you accede to his jargon. He reigns by asserting that power trumps reason. He only needs to you believe the stories that you hear.

You do not make justice by obeying evil’s boastful demands. The effectiveness of true religion is its resilience in the face of screaming terrors. Willingness to suffer for the truth is the proof that truth is glorious.

Christianity has always been risky.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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