Dancing on the Waves

If you haven’t noticed, just about everyone is on edge.

The modern world is an endless chain of unresolved inputs. The idolatry of novelty has not evolved but collapsed into infinite self-centered expectations. We can’t all have it all. But we all think that we each can.

What our grandfathers overlooked now is coming home to roost. Their subsistence family lives sold out to this industrializing paradise because, frankly, life on earth was hard. Several solid generations into the sell, this traumatization project has left us all with fracture neighborhoods and atrophied psyches. The religion of believing that the present world is somehow different from the past world is not only false, but it is fraying at an alarming rate.

Only now as the foundations shake beneath our feet can the true depths of what we sold to get here begin to show. The normalization of wickedness as entertainment has borne some serious blowback. The lasting impact will not be turned around by a few blog posts. The disaster will not be fixed by the next election cycle. Overriding, demonic social programming that cannibalizes infants is not the kind of thing God deals gently with.

Being on edge is only to be expected.

What makes you unique is your knowledge that your understanding doesn’t end here. Nor will your life be here forever. This will pass, but you will go on. This will bring death, but you will rise. You know that cosmic horror unleashed with all the powers of the gates of hell can’t stop you because you didn’t put yourself here.

He did.

I write to you because you are strong, and because you have overcome the evil one.

What are you waiting for? This is your time.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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