Death eaters

A County Delegate from Maryland thought it was a good idea to make it legal to have an abortion outside of a clinical setting. Do you mean like a back alley? Pro-abortion activists are gearing up for the possibility that Roe vs. Wade might soon be overturned by legislating for abortion in their states. Not the Bee warned us who are on the side of life to not become complacent. An abortion activist recently took an abortifacient pill live on TV, just to show how “easy it is, and safe it is, by taking it myself.” The evil is not masquerading as ignorance. This gross disdain for life is what we are up against. They know what they are killing.

A recent article from teen magazine Elle lamented the shortage of abortion doctors, saying doctors should be trained at medical school on how to take a life. Most doctors sign up to “do no harm” and also: killing babies might just send you crazy.

Despite the terrible toll abortion takes around the world, God is still graciously restraining the evil that humans dream up. We found this story of a Filipino man who survived being aborted and is now a Paralympic swimmer.

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