Race to the bottom

Celebrity can do strange things to you. The heady mix of popularity and new-fangled ideas out of academia have sucked a lot of famous folks into what Albert Mohler calls a “vortex” of representation. There is no way out. Once you start scoring everyone according to how oppressed they are, no doubt someone will be more of a victim than you. Actor Peter Dinklage took Disney to task for trumpeting its casting of a Latino woman as Snow White. Dinklage called for the whole fairy tale to be thrown out since it portrays dwarves very badly. Disney will no doubt scramble to not offend anyone and the vortex grows bigger. Matt Walsh responded in his usual acerbic style pointing out that Disney and Dinklage are both speaking nonsense. Snow White was so named because of her skin color and dwarves in fairy tales are not disabled humans but magical creatures. Identity politics ruins all the fun!

But nevertheless, Hollywoke persisted. HBO’s new series Batgirl will feature two transgender characters, one played by a transgender actor. You’d think they’d learn that fans don’t like their favorite characters turned into bisexual climate activists or anything else for that matter.

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