Expect it

The majority of the public are illiterate and cannot grasp what is happening. The failure of international order, the destructive assault on our psychology, the indoctrination via propaganda and education, systems of power and control, the morphing of free society into a security paradigm, the softening of once brave peoples into trembling ghettos of fear,… Read More Expect it

Stop me if you’ve heard this one

Mad readers will be aware that things have been changing in the world of COVID, especially with all attention now on Ukraine. Many things that were verboten are now being spoken about openly (the list is growing) by the information gatekeepers. The NIH has decided to investigate repurposed drugs, including ivermectin, for the treatment of COVID-19. With their credibility underwater… Read More Stop me if you’ve heard this one


Reality doesn’t need you to like it in order for it to be good. Eternity is not infinitely stretched time. That is “the future.” Eternity is a “now” that never ends, the fullness of time in every moment. American ideals like profit, security, permanence, and reliability are an over-focus on means that steal the end… Read More Today