The show must go on

Concern over the damage that wearing masks is doing to us, especially children, is becoming harder to ignore. One psychologist outlined her issues with masking kids by saying that normalizing mask wearing, when there is such a low risk of severe illness for children, is a form of gaslighting. Mask advocates were upset when an Illinois judge placed a temporary ban on mandates in schools. Although plenty of evidence suggests that masks don’t affect transmission of COVID in schools, some districts threatened to close classrooms if the ban was enforced. Though school authorities have insisted their hands are bound when it comes to mask regulations, this mom’s experience suggests that maybe it’s a lack of political will. 

Mask wearing has definitely made us weird… Apple says you can now use face ID to unlock your phone without taking off your mask.

 While mask-wearing was deemed “political theater” years ago, the White House seems to be all in with the message. An Associated Press reporter noted that extraordinary measures are being taken to prevent the President from becoming ill. While this may be seen as prudent for a man of a certain age, the AP said “a breakthrough case could erode public confidence” in vaccines. 

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