Unsilent dissent

Justice is the rendering of duty. It is the provision of that which is due.

Duty is to live honestly. It is to strive against harm and to not hold back that which is owed.

Legislating standards that not everyone will follow, or that only some of the people will follow some of the time, only ensures that there will be no standards. Breaking the rules you expect everyone else to follow, or insisting on rules only for everyone else, is the end of rules. It is the destruction of duty. It is the death of justice.

Marxism was a secular holiness cult long before it merged with the modern magic of medical tyranny. Its power is the appeal to hatred. Its promises are premised on collapse. Its real agenda is atonement, and atonement always means blood.

Even a seemingly harmless wrong idea, believed whole-heartedly, will always morph into a devilish idol. It is the almost-true lie that is able to do damage for the longest amount of time.

But none of that means you have to go quietly.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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