Weighed, measured and found wanting

An astonishing article was published by Daily Wire, (here for free) detailing the ways high-profile Evangelical leaders helped spread government messages about vaccinations and COVID restrictions. Allowing National Institutes of Health director, Francis Collins to co-opt their influence and commandeer their pulpits, Christians in large evangelical denominations were told they were loving their neighbors by getting vaccinated and wearing masks. The writer says that not one of these pastors asked whether “convincing church members to get vaccinated or disseminating certain administration talking points should be the business of pastors at all.” 

In a similar vein, an Australian Presbyterian minister has written a scathing critique of the churches there, calling congregations and church bodies to repent of the idolatry of health and for caving in to a spirit of fear. The speedy abandonment of meeting together, and giving up the Supper so easily leads the author to conclude that the “state is the de facto head of the church”, not Jesus Christ. We thank God for the brave shepherds who have obeyed Christ rather than men, and continue to pray for the church. Though Satan would like to sift the people of God, Jesus promised he would build his church, even in the face of the gates of hell. We can’t see it right now, but he who promised is faithful.

In other news, Brian Houston who founded Hillsong Church is stepping down from leading the organization. He faces criminal charges for not reporting his father’s pedophilia.

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