A warning shot

A European drug safety committee is looking into how Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations are affecting women’s menstrual cycles. While the regulator is still saying there is no reason to suspect that vaccines affect fertility, the investigation has been re-opened after a spate of reports of issues following the vax. 

Elsewhere, Pfizer appears to be anticipating some bad news, warning those reading through its Q4 profits reports that “unfavorable safety data” may affect their earningsStocks for both companies plunged on the back of the news. 

The FDA has postponed its decision on COVID vaccines for children under five years old, saying they need more data.

Mad readers will know that many in elite circles have exempted themselves from the restrictions they endorse, and this year’s Oscars ceremony will be no different. There is no requirement that guests be vaccinated, and it is unlikely any of their famous faces will be covered by a mask.

Republican Congressmen have introduced a bill that would see members of the military who have been discharged for not taking the inoculation reinstated. That is, if they still want to work for our embattled military.. (see here and here)

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