Feel the love

Canada’s Freedom Convoy continues to capture the attention of the world and admiration of everyone who sees COVID measures for the tyranny that they are. Prime Minister Trudeau seemed puzzled as to what all the fuss is about, insisting that restrictions are needed to prevent more restrictions. The PM’s poll number are tanking but if he listened to the man-on-the-street, he might have a clue why. Truckers in New Zealand and France organized similar convoys in a show of solidarity.

The truckers are blockading one of the busiest US-Canadian border crossings, disrupting car manufacturing plants in the US waiting for deliveries of parts. In Ottawa, police confiscated containers of fuel from the truck blockade, prompting supporters to bring more in. In a Spartacus-style move, protestors carried empty jerry cans, probably to distract police. 

Their efforts are gleaning some reward though, with the government of Saskatchewan lifting mandates and politicians calling for an end to restrictions.

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