The black arrow

The worst-case scenario is indifference to your own life. 

Success is an elusive word. But failure is tangible. Failure you can feel. Failure can’t be ignored.

That is the power of modern magic. The fake world of entertainment enables you to avoid your own failure by pirating the dreams of others. Movie and sports replace true social cohesion. The appearance of fellowship replaces local reality. Escape replaces meaning.The pattern of collapse cannot be changed so long as we continue to seek the antidote in the poison.

The Messianic age has already begun. This is the revolution. This is the power of the resistance. This is the beautiful war against principalities and powers of darkness.

Christ was coronated on a cross. Expect no more than your master. Pass through these afflictions in the enlightenment of knowing they are temporary. The light and momentary trials that we feel in decay around us will not be long in giving way to the everlasting resurrection of true sight.

Indeed. Your faith is already here.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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