Freedom is a dirty word

Ah, the unwashed masses and their desire for *checks notes* freedom.

recent opinion piece published by Canada’s government-funded media says “freedom” is a trigger word. Lamenting the way protestors rally around the cry for freedom, writer Jason Vermes claims that the “right-wing” (those who don’t want to choose between a job and a vaccine) use freedom as an excuse to endanger “society’s most vulnerable”. Sounding a lot like Dr Fauci, Vermes says that people need to forgo personal freedoms for the sake of the greater good. The article suggests that freedom is an American value, which is duping Canadians into being less tolerant.

A number of people have pointed out the class divide that has been exposed in this pandemic. The division seems to have sent the elites further into their fear of and loathing for the hoi polloi who ruin all their plans. The crazy thing is that most decent folks will gladly give up personal freedoms for a reasonable cause. But for this virus? Which is eminently survivable by the majority of people? This ain’t it, chief. Especially when the ones dishing out the misery break their own rules, hide the truth and lie about the harm they’re doing.

We have pointed to the work of Martin Gurri before at Mad Mondays, and his observations about governors and the governed are still relevant. Rebel News‘ Ezra Levant quipped in a recent interview, that “people want new government, but governments want new people” and for better or worse, this is true in a lot of places. Maybe this is why a lot of our thought leaders want unchecked opening of borders, promote all manner of sexual sin and would indoctrinate our kids in a heartbeat – to create the type of people they want. But here it is: we are new people.

Mad Christian, you are paid for, you are immortal now! No matter where God has placed us, our freedom in Christ will fuel our efforts to raise families, to be in the Word, to be in our churches, to help out in our communities and push back against any force that would destroy that freedom. So fight the good fight – the Son has set us free and we are free indeed.

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