The home front

Mystie Winckler has written a great piece at The Federalist arguing why homeschooling is the most effective form of political resistance. Set in the security of a family, learning at home is a surefire way of subverting forces that seek to diminish the influence of parents on their kids. Winckler argues that homeschooling represents a threat to the Marxist ideals that drive a lot of educational policies.

Many parents who sat through their child’s “virtual learning” realized how poor standards are in many sectors of America’s education system. While educators continue to move the goalposts to hide falling grades, the whole system fails so hard at giving children what they need. While experts call homeschooling “dangerous” Winckler says that is a good sign – “The left is letting us know that our actions are hindering their desires.” So keep going, moms and dads, and those who encourage and enable this godly work to continue!

In other education news, parents in San Francisco have voted to recall three out of seven school board members in an historic special election. It turns out that even progressive parents have had enough of school closures, mask mandates, and falling standards. 

School boards around the country have dismissed parents’ concerns, focusing on Woke agendas like renaming schools which might possibly have been associated with a racist and luring children to read nasty books. It is likely SF parents would have ousted the entire board, but four members had not served enough time to be eligible for recall.

Ugh.. The CDC has quietly lowered the standard for speech delay, seemingly to cover the way their policies have damaged childhood development.

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