Reality doesn’t need you to like it in order for it to be good.

Eternity is not infinitely stretched time. That is “the future.” Eternity is a “now” that never ends, the fullness of time in every moment.

American ideals like profit, security, permanence, and reliability are an over-focus on means that steal the end by killing your present experience in favor of some story about a “better” future. It is human nature to desire a “way” that leads beyond itself. In this fall, we then fail to live now, trapping ourselves in a dream that will never be, a nightmare that is ever threatening.

“If only you will now… then later… blah blah blah.

”In this way, trying to have “more” is its own self-defeating principle.

Disappointment is generally a matter of having had the wrong expectations. Reality is from God and therefore good. Learning to like it for that very reason is the better part of wisdom.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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