A small reprieve

America has its very own trucker protest! The People’s Convoy is traveling from California to DC to protest mandates and fully re-open the country. The President has approved the presence of the National Guard to help with traffic as the convoy reaches DC. Hopefully that is all they do, with a recent poll showing that most Democratic voters approve of the harsh tactics used by Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau against truckers in Ottawa.

And speaking of Canada…

Prime Minister Trudeau surprised a lot of people by ending the emergency powers he had invoked to shut down the Freedom Convoy. We hope the Prime Minister is just being as good as his word, having previously said the powers would be “time-limited.” But as it has been said before, a smile still has teeth. 

Maybe it was a trial run to get Canadians warmed up to accept more tyranny? Trudeau’s Diversity Minister has introduced a bill in the wake of the Convoy that will allow people to take someone else to court if they fear they “will commit” hate speech. Didn’t he watch “Minority Report”?

Some speculated that a run on Canada’s banks driven by freezing accounts linked to protestors had spooked the government into easing off. Trudeau once infamously said he admires China’s “basic dictatorship” for its ability to “turn their economy round on a dime” and “go greener faster.” Given that many in his cabinet are hand-in-glove with the World Economic Forum, maybe they take cues from higher up.

For now, we thank God for these mercies. However, Lutheran Pastor Harold Ristau observed that the Prime Minister “declared war” against his own people. PM Trudeau may be realizing how unpopular his flex was— even a comedy show aired on the national broadcaster, usually sympathetic to the PM, thought it was a bit much.

Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich has been denied bail with the judge convinced that she might “reoffend.”

A Canadian veteran has launched a slightly quieter protest by walking across Canada to object to COVID restrictions. At least no one can complain about the honking…

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