Expect it

The majority of the public are illiterate and cannot grasp what is happening.

The failure of international order, the destructive assault on our psychology, the indoctrination via propaganda and education, systems of power and control, the morphing of free society into a security paradigm, the softening of once brave peoples into trembling ghettos of fear, the current state of western civilization is an unmitigated worldly disaster.

False glory always self-destructs. For here we have no continuing city. Our only hope is to seek the city that is to come. Offer the sacrifice of praise in the midst of sorrows. Do good and share, even in the midst of wanton evils. Pray for a clean conscience in the wounds of Jesus and strive for an honorable today.

The antichrist doesn’t need you to bow so much as sit back and put your feet up. You are expected to forget. You are expected to outsource your thinking.


Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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