Drawing down

The House has approved another stopgap round of funding to keep the government ticking over until March and prevent a shutdown. The measure was needed as lawmakers continue to butt heads over spending money approved in the President’s infrastructure bills.  For now, $5BN will be used to build fast charging stations “every 50 miles” for electric vehicles. The Vice… Read More Drawing down

Feel the love

Canada’s Freedom Convoy continues to capture the attention of the world and admiration of everyone who sees COVID measures for the tyranny that they are. Prime Minister Trudeau seemed puzzled as to what all the fuss is about, insisting that restrictions are needed to prevent more restrictions. The PM’s poll number are tanking but if he listened to the man-on-the-street,… Read More Feel the love

A warning shot

A European drug safety committee is looking into how Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations are affecting women’s menstrual cycles. While the regulator is still saying there is no reason to suspect that vaccines affect fertility, the investigation has been re-opened after a spate of reports of issues following the vax.  Elsewhere, Pfizer appears to be anticipating some… Read More A warning shot

Weighed, measured and found wanting

An astonishing article was published by Daily Wire, (here for free) detailing the ways high-profile Evangelical leaders helped spread government messages about vaccinations and COVID restrictions. Allowing National Institutes of Health director, Francis Collins to co-opt their influence and commandeer their pulpits, Christians in large evangelical denominations were told they were loving their neighbors by getting vaccinated and… Read More Weighed, measured and found wanting

A little push

Students of economics may be familiar with the concept of “nudge theory.” The idea, pioneered by Richard Thaler and others utilizes behavioral science data to influence the decision making of individuals or groups. Predictable human behavior has long been used to sell things – place the product at eye level, or near the cash register. But nudges… Read More A little push