The driving force

The Federalist recently hosted a fascinating conversation on agency and horsepower. Dr. Matthew Mehan of Hillsdale College relayed his concerns over President Biden’s provision for kill-switches in new cars. From the Cajun Navy to Canada’s trucker convoy, Dr. Mehan spoke about how owning a vehicle and using it responsibly is not something that the government should be able to override… Read More The driving force


Mad readers will probably be aware of the desire of Big Tech titans to see their virtual reality dreams comes true. We have written about the nascent “metaverse” and its attendant issues, but a Vermont start-up thinks what the digital world really needs is scent. The writer says “for virtual reality to feel like reality, it needs smell.”… Read More Smelly-vision

Take courage

Pastor John Koopman appeared on Issues, Etc. last week discussing the dangers of cynicism. Pastor Koopman says that a cynical outlook is a fatalistic one, assuming nothing can be changed for the better. He warned listeners that it is very easy to drift along with the culture, citing how many in the church no longer stand with biblical… Read More Take courage

Stop coasting

You cannot talk about defending the free world when your own government is occupied by globalist usurpers. The harsh reality is that revolutionary economic collapse, the furtherance of enforced pariah status of your ideals, and the looming demographic catastrophe brought on by experimental “therapeutic” genetic engineering are all something considerably more than “conspiracy theories.” Abuse… Read More Stop coasting