Jesus has a plan

If you plan to fight back against the heathen world power, then you will want your psyche in order. So, begin with embracing that totalitarianism is always a mythology. That is its essence and that is its power. Regimes of “total control” depend on your faith in their existence in order to exert their influence. Lies function only insofar as you believe them.

God’s law is nature. There is no limit to its power to enforce itself. But the further the laws of men get from that truth, the more you can expect everything else to quickly fall apart. Such stories will only have power to compel where they are enforced. And the enforcers are increasingly distracted and incompetent.

Fatalism sees everything getting worse and cringes in anxious despair. But learning to see every challenge as an open door that you would have missed if things had gone the way you planned is the adventure that God created you for.

If all the dreams you ever had are never going to come true now, then that just means it’s time to start having some better dreams. It’s not deciding what you want to do that matters. It’s learning what you can do, and then doing it. Everything else is just a fancy story to distract you from the prophecies that already came true.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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