Don’t say wut?

Much has been made of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill. The bill seeks to make sure parents are kept in the loop regarding any health care offered to their children through the school system. The bill also makes it harder for children to be taught about gender identity and homosexuality before third grade. It is likely the bill’s authors had activist schools and teachers in mind, who are often able to hide their efforts at sexualizing children from parents.

While it seems a sensible move to us and will reduce the chance of children being groomed for transgender or homosexual lifestyles, detractors labelled it the “don’t say gay” bill and that was enough for most progressives to pile on. The grown-ups on Twitter reacted predictably, but Dave Rubin laid out why the bill is completely reasonable. As one commentator said, if you need a law to stop you from discussing sex with five-year olds, maybe you shouldn’t be a teacher. 
Mad readers will be aware that the enemies in this fight are all around and very open about their aims.  Not only is the education system complicit in promoting these wicked ideas, corporate America is doing what it can to sow confusion. The CEO of Disney was harangued for not condemning Florida’s bill loudly enough. Bob Chapek soon expressed his disappointment with Governor De Santis and pledged to donate millions to LGBTQ causes. He is also freezing Disney’s contributions to political parties. 

That might not be enough for employees at Disney’s Pixar studio who say that the company censors their attempts to put more gay and transgender characters in its movies. Chapek has been clear about what Disney’s stance is when it comes to this revolution, saying that “lasting change” comes through making content like “Modern Family” (which normalized same-sex parenting). He clearly knows the intoxicating power of cinema, saying that “diverse stories” are “more powerful than any tweet or lobbying effort.” He doesn’t seem to know however that more powerful even than diverse stories, is God’s truth. Also powerful are moms and dads, grounded in the Word of God, engaging with their kids and showing how God’s design for marriage and family is the best. 

Idaho’s house has passed a bill that would make performing trans-gendering surgery on youths punishable by life in prison

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