Let’s be clear

Monty Python pointed out the absurdity of thinking that a man could become a woman, all the way back in 1979 but despite the stated aims of the Sexual Revolution, it is women and children that are most harmed by its ideologies. International Women’s Day came and went last week, but many have wondered in recent years if it’s really about women at all.  Author J.K. Rowling used the occasion to challenge those who claim they are “for” women if they could even define what a woman is

An opinion written at Not The Bee made a good point too – we need to keep our language plain. Daniel Payne says Christians should stop qualifying “man” and “woman” with the term “biological”. As Payne says, you can’t speak about man and woman without referring to the biological reality.
Meanwhile, the US government, which also doesn’t seem to know what a woman is, requested that $2.6BN be spent abroad on “gender equity” programs. You see, modern elites are offended by the notion that women might want to stay at home and raise their children.

In new research, Israeli scientists claim that treating the eggs of older women with anti-virals makes the eggs young again. What could go wrong?

The Supreme Court of Texas has ruled that abortion providers can’t sue the state’s government over its abortion law. So, praise God,  the law is staying put, saving the lives of little ones. 

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