Stop coasting

You cannot talk about defending the free world when your own government is occupied by globalist usurpers.

The harsh reality is that revolutionary economic collapse, the furtherance of enforced pariah status of your ideals, and the looming demographic catastrophe brought on by experimental “therapeutic” genetic engineering are all something considerably more than “conspiracy theories.”

Abuse of power wants to 1) claim superiority, 2) then compel assimilation, 3) and, in the end, take all. Why are you surprised?

You cannot expect them to help you when they are bought off. They know the news cycle moves too fast for the masses to catch them. Stop being surprised by it. People are not going to get better. They will go from bad to worse. Weakness will be exploited. Shame will replace honor. Charlatans and criminals will scuttle their snake oil in every trade, and especially those markets that you are not allowed to question or that you are compelled by law to trust. Expect liars who have no fear of God to look you in the eye across that screen and tell you what they want you to believe no matter how crazy or unreasonable it might be compared to last week.

This isn’t about our country. This is about our religion. This is about being people of integrity and men of good conscience. This is about standing with your head held high. This is about not letting them stomp out your right to believe the truth.

The uniforms might change, but the goal posts never really move.

Desperation is no excuse for being ignorant. Resisting tyranny begins with mental non-compliance. So get back in the game.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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