Taking ownership

Concentrating your energy is hard.

It’s not like a video game. It’s not something you can do with wish power. It takes discipline. Conviction. Courage.

Courage does not mean “without fear.” Courage means “in spite of the fear.”

Daring to be an elite means seizing the courage to stop thinking common. Letting them tell you who you are, letting them shove you where they want you to go, letting them sway you yet again with their noise, this is what the commoner does.

You cannot hate the commoner and lead well. But you must despise the lies the commoner believes. You must despise the lies for being untrue.

You must pray for a good king.

There is no effort without error. There is no success without daring. You can’t outrun all the risk.

But you don’t have to follow. Not anymore.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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