A cloud of propaganda

The conflict in Ukraine has moved into its second month. President Zelenskyy has called for President Putin to speak to him directly and make his terms for ending the invasion clear. Each nation has its own tally of casualties, but it looks like Russia has taken some serious damage. Russia insists it knows what it’s doing. Russia is being accused of deporting thousands of people from the Ukraine city of Mariupol, but Russia claims the refugees went willingly. 

Zelenskyy has banned eleven political parties who have connections to Russia from Ukraine’s government.

The US has accused Putin of war crimes and President Biden suggested that the Russian president should not be allowed to “remain in power.” While a lot of folks took that as a call for regime change, White House officials said that’s not what the President meant.

The President may have other fires to put out, as media attention on his son’s infamous laptop is growing. ZeroHedge says that emails on the laptop have convincingly linked Hunter Biden’s financial dealings directly with biolabs in Ukraine. 

The CEO of mega financial company Blackrock agrees with us at Mad Mondays saying that Putin’s war represents the end of globalization. It may be that the Great Reset agenda did not factor in rogue agents who aren’t on board with the plans of the World Economic Forum. We doubt that they will give up their schemes that easily though.. 

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