Man, I feel like a woman

Political commentator Matt Walsh has decided to travel the world to discover what a woman is. While the trailer for his documentary suggests that much of the world still understands the difference between male and female, the enlightened West seems to be struggling with the fundamentals. 

It will come as little surprise to Mad readers that even the highest court in the USA is not impervious to the gender ideology infecting our culture. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was questioned by senators last week as part of her nomination to the Supreme Court. Asked directly whether she could give a definition for the word “woman,” Judge Jackson said she couldn’t since she is “not a biologist.” Hopefully President Biden checked Judge Jackson’s pronouns to ensure he nominated an actual woman to the Court, as he had promised! 

Journalist Kyle Sammin pointed out that rulings can only become more arbitrary if America’s highest court needs to call upon a biologist for every sex discrimination case. YouTuber Kellie-Jean Kay might have a response to Judge Jackson’s “stupid” argument: “I’m not a vet but I know what a dog is.”

Florida’s governor, Ron De Santis, seems to know what a woman is. He recently ruffled feathers by recognizing Emma Weyant as the true winner of the recent NCAA women’s swimming event. Weyant finished second behind transgender swimmer Lia Thomas.

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