Needful things

What will you sacrifice in order to preserve what you think you will need? What do you need that you believe you cannot sacrifice? Vulnerability is risk exposure. What if there is no risk? He is risen. Till angel cry and trumpet sound,The Mad Christian

Soul searching

Pastor Wolfmueller has highlighted a small section from Martin Luther’s introduction to the Psalms and we thought we’d pass it along. Luther writes that human emotions render “the heart of man…like a ship upon a troubled ocean” but that emotional turmoil also gives us opportunities to examine our souls.  The celebration of Easter is full of these… Read More Soul searching


Evidence that Russian soldiers have committed atrocities in Ukrainian towns is growing, with German intelligence revealing they intercepted audio communications where troops advocated for killing civilians. Even China has called for an investigation. Russian military spokesmen have insisted that the macabre images of bodies in the streets of Kyiv were staged by Ukraine. While Russian forces have retreated from most of western… Read More War