5th Gen Warfare, Go!

Where the heart leads, the mind will follow, and this is the great jeopardy of the age of screen gods. When you tune in, when you scroll, you cannot know where your heart will be led until it’s already been led there. The longer you let them lead you where you do not want to go, the harder it gets to find your way back.

What is a prisoner of conscience to do? To begin with, stop being a prisoner. Understand the chains they’ve bound you with. Pick up the weapon you’ve forgotten about, and realize you are already a combatant in the first “5th generation” world war.

A summary of warfare theory:

  • 1st Generation – Line up and fight (most of human history, state vs. state)
  • 2nd Generation – Dig holes and shoot (early modern warfare, state vs. state)
  • 3rd Generation – Maneuver big machines fast (“Blitzkrieg,” state vs. state)
  • 4th Generation – Stealth (“Insurgency,” state vs. non-state and/or proxy-state)
  • 5th Generation – Information control (“Transnational Social Engineering,” everyone is a potential agent/combatant, even the state is a tool of the non-state power)

This is why things have gotten so hard. You’ve been conscripted into a war you didn’t want to fight. You are not allowed to not have an opinion. You are not allowed to sit on the sidelines and live your own life. You will be part of the battle, or you will be punished as the one the battle is against.

No one is safe from this attack. No convention protects you as a civilian. Terrorism and mind control are in your living room. You even pay them to do it to you.

The demons love it. They have sunk the gleaming relic of Christendom into a season of darkness, merrily peddling a brain-washing drug that is good enough to deceive even the elect— if that were possible.

You know the solution. You’ve heard me say it before. Turn the lie-machine off. Open the Psalms. Ponder the Proverbs. Read the red letters. Your weapon in the warfare is your mind. So take care of it like your soul depends upon it, because it does.

You cannot escape the world. But you can master your own living room. You can admit what the enemy’s tools are. You can stop telling yourself that it’s ok. You can turn off the poison.

The strength of our remnant depends on it.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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