Meat and liberty

Here’s some strange white noise we came across recently. It seems that plant-based “meat” is a hard-sell for men with a tiny study finding that fellas are averse to eating vegan dishes. The researchers are sold on the idea that we need to eat less meat because of climate change and pitch ways to get men past their carnivorous habits.  They propose using previous “common-good campaigns” such as “making tobacco use less popular, uptake of sunscreen and COVID vaccinations” as a model for changing mens’ minds. You’ve been warned!

Meanwhile, an article in UnHerd is bound to rattle some cages by positing that the cultivation of wheat corrupted the world. Writer John Lewis-Stempel speaks about wheat in particular but more generally about the differences between farming plants versus raising animals. He makes some interesting points about how farmers have often been indentured servants to emperors and now to Big Agriculture.

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