Nothing to fear

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned that it is the eleventh hour for the planet when it comes to global warming. Not The Bee reminded everyone that climate alarmists have been saying this for quite a long time now, and yet, we’re still here. 

But maintaining a sense of emergency seems to be part of the plan. As a factor in mass formation, free-floating fear makes people suggestible but also hysterical. An article from the Sunday Telegraph says that while fear can sometimes keep you away from harm, inciting fear in people is counterproductive. The author notes that fear creates a “debilitating sense of helplessness” which is no use to anyone.

In other climate-related news, readers will be aware that corporations really like to let you know all that they are doing for the planet. But there has been a lot of hype recently around a rating system known as ESG – environmental, social and governance. A company’s ESG score goes beyond just stewarding the environment and includes criteria for hiring “diversely” and supporting all the approved social causes. 

While ESG has been somewhat unknown and largely voluntary until now, the Washington Examiner reports that new regulation drafted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission would compel corporations to disclose all sorts of information to determine how well they are doing according to the principles of ESG system.

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