The fight for life

Mad Christians will be aware of how the white noise of our culture is very hostile to marriage, family, and God’s design for men and women. But we thank God for lawmakers who are using their vocation to fight back. Alabama has made it illegal to give cross-sex hormones to children or to perform transgender surgery on them. KentuckyOklahoma, and Florida have made laws to protect unborn life.

Also in Florida, an initiative was launched aimed at supporting men in the work of responsible fatherhood, which opponents branded as “fascist” and “racist.” But those who have experienced the devastating effects of fatherlessness first-hand, applauded the bill.

The monstrous spirit of the age has not taken all that sitting down. Maryland has authorized nurses and midwives to perform abortions and has set aside millions of dollars to “expand abortion access.” The culture of death is clearly at work here, to encourage people who enter these vocations to help birth new humans into the world to help end it instead is demonic The Guardian says, “There is no evidence that allowing advanced clinicians to provide abortion care..leads to lower standards.” God, defend these helpless ones and bring the wicked to justice!

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