Now we all have faces

Most Mad readers will be aware that the wearing of masks on airplanes in the US is no longer mandated. The ruling was struck down by a judge in Florida, who deemed that the CDC has “exceeded its authority” in making passengers wear masks. The ruling had flight attendants breaking into song… Sing it with me: Throw a-way your maaaassks! 

Airlines are considering refunding customers who don’t want to fly with unmasked passengers.With so much data now available, the comparison between states which had mask mandates and those that didn’t is quite revealing. The burden of proof that the wearing of masks made any difference to the spread of COVID is now on those who advocate for it. 

Philly has dropped its indoor mask mandate just days after reinstating it. Freedom just might be contagious..  

India is in the spotlight after health officials there took the World Health Organization to task over its method of calculating COVID deaths. The Indian Health Ministry said that WHO’s modelling is a one-size-fits-all, which does not take into account geographical and population differences between nations. India claims its death toll is about a quarter of what the WHO says it is. 

China is reportedly letting some residents in Shanghai out of their lockdown conditions. But the CCP has censored the Chinese national anthem, forbidding a lyric about “those who refuse to be slaves” from being shared on social media. Officials are also trying to shut down a video documenting lockdown conditions in Shanghai, but people seem to be defiantly sharing it.   

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