Evidence that Russian soldiers have committed atrocities in Ukrainian towns is growing, with German intelligence revealing they intercepted audio communications where troops advocated for killing civilians. Even China has called for an investigation. Russian military spokesmen have insisted that the macabre images of bodies in the streets of Kyiv were staged by Ukraine. While Russian forces have retreated from most of western… Read More War

Beat the system

Mad readers already know that we are big fans of homeschooling and think that even without the woke agenda taking over public education, the benefit of learning in the home from a parent is invaluable. However, in The Federalist, Katy Faust acknowledged that sometimes it’s just not that easy to remove your kids from the education system. She… Read More Beat the system

World building

Times they are a-changin’, for sure. World-renowned economist Gabriel Felbermayr said recently that globalization is over. With Russia doing its own thing economically since it invaded Ukraine, Felbermayr predicts the world will be “broken off into distinct economic blocks, dominated by the West, China, and Russia”. He says that the Ukraine conflict (and we would add,… Read More World building


Reporting last week suggested that Ukrainian fighters have successfully reclaimed suburbs of Kyiv, formerly captured by Russia. Russian officials said they are drawing back from the capital in a “goodwill gesture” as negotiations continue. The Ukrainian government is skeptical of the Russian retreat as reports of atrocities against civilians are emerging. Russia has accused Ukraine of blowing up an oil… Read More Retreat?


Maybe this is how Hollywood dies— not really with a bang but with a sort of confused whimper, pressed into a puddle by the weight of its own professed values. While the Academy Awards were watched by hardly anyone, most everyone has now heard about “The Slap.” Reactions and tweets were swift and plentiful, but… Read More Slap