Minority report

Many meltdowns were over the charge that Twitter would become the Wild West of Hate and Misinformation, but Musk has clarified that he defines free speech as letting people speak within the bounds of the law. However, laws can be changed. 

In a strangely-timed announcement, Homeland Security said it was setting up a disinformation governance board. Dubbed the “Ministry of Truth” by observers, details of what the board would do are few. The lady tapped to lead it seems to have definite ideas about what qualifies as disinformation (and she does jazz hands, which is a little unnerving for someone given such a grave task). Although the head of DHS said that US citizens would not be surveilled, the goal seems to be to pre-emptively shut down fake news, particularly to do with Russia and immigration

It strikes us here at MM that the best way to combat lies is to speak the truth. What if our lawmakers and journalists just reported what they know, instead of telling people what to think? But given all that the last 25 months have revealed, it seems that a lot of our elites have open disdain for average Joes and don’t trust them to discern for themselves. They are not interested in defending their views because reality is against them. On marriage, on biology, on life, on freedom, a steady stream of propaganda is required for their ideology to survive.

In the end, even Wikipedia admits that the Russian election interference which kept folks outraged for years didn’t make a lick of difference. So, all up, it is hard to put a positive construction on the formation of a Ministry of Truth. Lawmakers agree with Florida saying it will fight back and a Colorado representative wrote a bill to defund the board.

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