The difference is Jesus

Worship creates identity and identity forges behavior. This is why one becomes like what one worships. 

It’s unavoidable and the left-wing radicals who control the mainstream meta-narrative are making it all the more clear as they weep, wail, and riot against the possibility that murdering babies may not be universally legalized and funded by the U.S. government. Molotov cocktails thrown into offices, hate speech spray-painted on churches, the doxing and physical threatening of SCOTUS justices’ homes by protesters, and a psychotic professor wielding baby dolls in nooses as grotesque mockery? Just another day for things the deep state doesn’t qualify as “domestic terrorism.” (That they save for parents who speak out of turn at school board meetings.) 

Because worship creates identity, we also know that Americans are, with or without awareness, worshiping demons. 

Don’t hold your breath for a change. Dinesh Desouza’s new documentary exposes levels of voter fraud that defy belief, but don’t expect a decertified election. The FDA is recognizing that COVID is best handled like the flu, but don’t expect the White House to stop predicting a “challenging fall and winter.” Pfizer data dumps are revealing massive levels of willful neglect, but don’t expect your friends and neighbors to understand why there are suddenly so many heart attacks. 

In the meantime, the WHO is developing a treaty that will give [Bill Gates’ donations] total legal control over the majority of first world countries “next time.” Expect them to have learned their lessons from 2020, but not the lessons you wish they’d learned. 

While the pagans scream and rage, while the fools keep believing the same lies, the Lord Jesus Christ is the author of patient trust. How many times did the people of Israel forget about their God and so reap the fruit of their ways? How many times did He return to save them the moment they called? 

Who do you worship? What behavior does He forge? 

The overturning of Roe v. Wade, if and when it happens, will be because Jesus did it. Jesus willed it. He answered our prayers. 

Let’s not stop there.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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